Everclear : AM Radio

This sounds like a rehash of EMF, partying like it's 1990...

This latest offering from transatlantic mega-sellers Everclear is intended as a homage to “growing up in the ’70s pop cultural overload of LA”, with an accompanying video (directed by bandleader Alexakis) ingeniously segueing images of the offending decade. Well, thank goodness someone’s doing something to redress the shortage of ’70s revivalism we’ve been suffering from recently.

Curious, then, that this sounds like a rehash of EMF, partying like it’s 1990, the days when youngsters liked to flip their wigs bouncing around in half-mast trousers. They’ve tried to load everything but the kitchen sink onto this song but somehow, the more they load in, the less there is there. Plus, there’s ultimately something a bit scrubbed-up about Everclear, like a Limp Bizkit who’ve cleaned up their room – over-anxious not to jeopardise their market penetration of the Christian rock radio demographic.

David Stubbs