Maxee : When I Look Into Your Eyes

Ex-Brownstone vocalist drops tepid debut single...

Oh man. On paper, this, the debut solo single from former Brownstone member Maxee, had so much going for it. Although Maxee wasn’t the group’s lead singer (who could, quite literally, blow you away with the power of her voice) ‘When…’ was her opportunity to stand centre stage.

But what does she do? She debuts with this limp offering. The sort of wishy-washy ‘up beat’, middle-aged, radio-suck-up soul music that Des’ree makes. And yes we all know that Des’ree is the UK’s most successful soul singer, but when was the last time you busted a move to one of her records?!

The credentials were all in place for this track – Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins’ brother Fred has produced it and Maxee unleashes her unquestionably attractive vocals all over the arrangement. But it’s all for naught. Because this song is dire, and what’s most disconcerting of all is not how swiftly it underwhelms you, but that Maxee is so damn enthusiastic singing it. Where that leaves her forthcoming album is anyone’s guess.

Soul mama