Klart : For Shavers Only

When the music's this good, we shouldn't quibble.

More filth, this time emanating from the general direction of one Andrew Weatherall, on whose new Rotters Golf Club label this is released. We have reason to suspect he’s heavily involved in Klart too, not least because the six short, sharp electro-shocks on ‘For Shavers Only’ are highly reminiscent of Two Lone Swordsmen’s more carefree moments. Other evidence – such as lead track ‘Shaver”s “I’m a pussy shaver” Stephen Hawking-voiced ‘lyric’, the Super Mario perkiness of ‘Raver’ and a pair of songs called ‘Dirty’ and ‘Squirty’ – suggests that his legendary weed habit might finally have affected

his usually sound judgement. But when the music’s this good, we shouldn’t quibble.

Piers Martin