Hear’say : Pure and simple


From the cover, in which five youngsters appear to have fallen over on a giant bin bag, to the defiance with which an ampersand is banned from the track’s title, there’s nothing predictable about ‘Pure And Simple’. It doesn’t even fade at the end, thus throwing up the question of whether Hear’say are actually popstars at all, because pop songs really should fade at the end.

Three things to be observed from the sleeve:

1. Nice logo.

2. Nasty apostrophe.

3. Additional programming ‘by T Hawks’, a name last in the charts as part of Morris Minor And The Majors’ ‘Stutter Rap’, though it’s probably not the same one.

The track itself, which you may have heard, sounds like All Saints with some men in, though of course the chances of finding an All Saint [I]without[/I] a man in are fairly slim. Danny yells a lot.

Not a patch on the Girl Thing version, obviously, but somebody should give this lot a TV show.

Peter Robinson

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