Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera : Nobody Wants To Be Lonely

Possibly more attractive on paper than on a 5" bit of plastic...

It’s the clash of the Latin Titans. Ugly duckling teen star turned sexy, soul swan meets ugly duckling teen star turned lusty, loco, er… lark? She bangs, he rubs her the right way, and woah! Can you feel the love in this room?

Actually, this is as flat as that pancake stubbornly clinging to your kitchen ceiling. What must’ve looked like a smash on paper is merely a dribble over the net on plastic. Chances are the two never met until the making of the ‘hilarious’ video in which Chris & Rick parody the idea of a romantic duet (a kind of Russ Abbot & Bella Emberg for the MTV generation.)

No doubt it was designed to distract the viewer from the song but they needn’t have bothered. No matter how many times you hear ‘Nobody Wants To Be Loved’ it will not stick in the memory. Martin and Aguilera is not a match made in heaven but this should probably be counted as a blessing. Think of the children!

Timothy Mark