Shaggy : It Wasn’t Me

The boombastic, Manics-slaying pop chirper returns to his throne

So Shaggy, who was it who sang on 90% of this single? “It wasn’t me!”

After umpteen years out of the limelight, it appears Orville ‘Boombastic’ Burrell has gone all shy and allowed newcomer Ricardo ‘RikRok’ Ducent to take centre stage on this triumphant comeback. Already a number one in his adopted home, the USA, and a cert to do the same here. It’s a surprise then that, despite writing and producing ‘It Wasn’t Me’, Mr Lover Lover limits himself to the one, repeated, refrain and one verse of advice for the philandering Ric.

“Deny everything” is Shaggy’s helpful hint, even though his pal is caught red handed (and on video) doing things so rude that radio has been given a rewritten version to spare the nation’s blushes.

Shaggy is well and truly back. A breath of fresh (and silly) air for the charts. Just one question, who told Ric that the bathroom floor was a suitable place to entertain a lady?

“It wasn’t me!”

Knew he’d say that.

Timothy Mark