Union Kid : Fort Disney

"We don't really know what we're doing," confess [a]Union Kid[/a] in their press release. Don't worry, chaps, you're doing fine.

Hot foot from Braintree, Essex, which the sleeve helpfully informs us is the ‘punk rock capital of the world’, come [a]Union Kid[/a], who might not know which decade they’re in but certainly have a pretty decent idea of how to piece together a pop record.

The source material might be familiar to anyone who’s heard a middle-period Replacements record, but that’s not to piss on the immense fire of ‘Fort Disney’, which is a twisted tribute to The Beach Boys’ ‘Californian Girls’ with extra souped-up guitars and a chorus the size of Weston-Super-Mare. This, for the benefit of young skateboarders everywhere, is what punk rock sounded like before dull-witted Americans stuffed it up to the gills with ska-riffs and horn sections.

“We don’t really know what we’re doing,” confess [a]Union Kid[/a] in their press release. Don’t worry, chaps, you’re doing fine.
Jim Wirth