Gay Dad : Now, Always And Forever

They're learning to rock again. Be patient with them.

That Cliff Jones returned to the fray looking like it was Dress-Down Friday in a meat-packing plant was the most distressing symbol of Gay Dad’s malaise. You can’t be an avatar to aheadness wearing a woolly hat. The problem with Gay Dad was never their pretension – it was that they were never pretentious enough, could never quite walk it like they so entertainingly talked it. ‘Now, Always And Forever’ isn’t the

song that’ll have 80ft-high metal Dad-droids patrolling the streets but it’s based around a wonderful electro hook that sparkles like Bowie in tin foil and a gently ludicrous lyric about crying machines. Not only that, but

B-side ‘God Has Moved On’ defies

all odds by sounding impressively like Tangerine Dream. They’re learning to rock again. Be patient with them.

Victoria Segal