Sunna : I’m Not Trading

Where we lack beef, we're rich in resources of metal angst.

Meat prices are rising. Shortages are threatened. Vegetarianism isn’t going to placate a nation raised on bone marrow and blood puddings. People are quickly going to start looking for alternative food sources. And – without wishing to cause a panic – it won’t take long to notice that where we lack beef, we’re rich in resources of metal angst. When push comes to

shove, even the fact Sunna can write a chorus that goes “I don’t like you and I never will” won’t count for much in a country desperate for something’s flesh. But hang on… They’ve shared a pen with A Perfect Circle? They’ve had a mechanically retrieved remix carried out by UNKLE? Contaminated already! Bring out the CDs. Light the pyre…

Victoria Segal