Bob Sinclar Featuring James Williams / M&S Presents The Girl Next Door : Darlin’ / Salsoul Nugg

If there's one dance music sound that's run its be-sequinned course, it's disco loops.

Christ on a [I]bicyclette[/I]. If there’s one dance music sound that’s run its be-sequinned course, it’s disco loops. The new snare roll, they’re now a ubiquitous substitute for difficult things, like ideas. Well, it’s time to speak out. Sinclar’s effort sounds like he turned up at the studio, plucked French house disco loop number 7,348 from his laptop, set it running, went out for a [I]croque monsieur[/I], came back and discovered that legendary D-Train vocalist James Williams had broken in and sung, in rather marvellous gospel-tinged tones, over the top of it.

‘Salsoul Nugget…’, meanwhile, is an insult to the memory of that pivotal disco label. Originally an instrumental, in which a guitar sample is brutally filtered to death, the vocals – courtesy of New York model/actor/singer Natasha Brice – were added later. Apparently, though, music is her first love. Don’t it bring a tear to your eye?

Tony Naylor