Parachute : Moving Still

Good songs with a twist - it really isn't rocket science, is it?

Aah, if only all the bands from Moseley, Birmingham, were this idiosyncratic. Accomplished songwriters with a hatful of odd ideas, Parachute are Hefner after a few intensive months down the local gym. And proof positive that ‘indie’ – whether we’re talking about sharp, honest guitar-songs or bands even bothering to release a third single on a minor regional label – is alive and well, and, in the case of ‘Stripped Bone Naked’ asking the important question: what would the Tindersticks have sounded like had they been fronted by Tony Hadley? Stranger still, ‘Natural Hyena’, could well be David Sylvian kicking back with Turin Brakes on a flyblown Alabama porch. Good songs with a twist – it really isn’t rocket science, is it?

Tony Naylor