Le Tigre : Hot topic

A great record which critiques itself before anyone else can...

Kathleen Hannah, once of [a]Bikini Kill[/a], joins forces with videomaker Sadie Benning and fanzine editor Johanna Fatemen for


appealing exercise in conceptual beatbox grrrltronica and prickly political discourse. The main track sounds like Althia & Donna’s ‘Up Town Top Ranking’ remixed by Clinton and namechecks an army of fem-rock heroines and gay cultural icons from Sleater-Kinney to The Slits, Angela Davis to Aretha Franklin, James Baldwin to Billie


King. Then the Fall-style arhythmical clatter of ‘Yr Critique’ dismisses the “fake rebellion” of “well intentioned assholes”,


the majestically titled ‘They Want Us To Make A Symphony Out Of The Sound Of Women Swallowing Their Tongues’ is a cut-up collage of hesitant, faltering female voices. You can read countless academic theories about the sampler as political weapon, but here is the evidence in pure-pop form: simple, blunt, witty, effective. A great record which critiques itself before anyone else can.

Stephen Dalton