Dust Brothers : This is your life

As marketing tie-ins go, quite meaty.

Rule number one when making a movie from a very dark novel about

the mind-warping, soul-numbing effects of a superficial consumerist celebrity culture: don’t make a flashy super-stylised


rock video starring Brad Pitt. Doh! Too late. Adapted from the inevitable pumped-up trip-hop soundtrack to Fight Club by the knob-tweaking overlords of dirty white funk, ‘This Is Your Life’ puts a burly rhythmic rumble behind a soundbite collage of Pitt’s character spouting warped adspeak and rabble-rousing fatalism:


is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time…/You are not


bank account…/Deliver us from Swedish furniture, deliver us from clever art”. The words are smart enough, the music so-so, the overall effect somewhere between Renton’s ‘choose life’ rant from Trainspotting and Baz Luhrmann’s ‘…Sunscreen’ fandango. As


tie-ins go, quite meaty.

Stephen Dalton