Webb Brothers : Cold fingers

Not new. Not radical. Quite possibly, though, the New [a]New Radicals[/a].

Such hair. Let me tell you about this hair. The Webb Brothers have

the kind of hair that gets issued to James Bond for use in only the most arduous hair situations. “Look here, 007. This ‘do can pierce steel and withstand temperatures of up to 5,000?C. Try and bring it back in one piece.” It’s amazing, and like the Webbs themselves very much from another era. Of a pretty handy ’60s pedigree (as you have no doubt gleaned by now they are the offspring of compositional genius and cake-in-the-rain-leaving man of eccentric solo albums Jimmy Webb), ‘Cold Fingers’ pushes many of one’s buttons, as one might expect a great pop single to, like a dog that sits up and begs on demand. More than the pure retro knobheads we first feared, though, they seem to be moving far quicker towards a kind of unpretentious, multi-parented FM radio sort of thing. You also get the excellent ‘I’m Over And I Know It’ ‘on the flip’, as they would have said in Dad’s day. Not new. Not radical. Quite possibly, though, the New New Radicals.

David Stubbs