The second single release from Jill Scott's brilliant 'This Is Jill Scott...' album...

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Jill Scott : A Long Walk


Jill Scott : A Long Walk

It’s pretty hard to believe that this is just the second release from the unbelievably beautiful ‘This Is Jill Scott ‘Words & Sounds Vol 1’ album. And since we’ve all got on with living, loving, breaking up and making up since Scott‘s picture-perfect lyricism arrived, it’s fitting that the softly-softly delight that is ‘A Long Walk’ should call us back to her once again.

This is a simple love song about simple pleasures: Scott‘s honeyed voice sings of something seemingly inaccessible in today’s stressed-filled times: spending time with your boo, walking, talking, simply being. I know. When was the last time you did that (especially if yo’ ass has just been kicked to the kerb recently)?

But even if you have a wo/man, even if you prefer to sleep with your partner than talk to them, this evocative slice of romanticism has a place in your world.

Soul mama