Pretenders : Popstar

This is what she has to say: don't eat meat. Be nice to cats.

She’s sassy, she’s smokin’ (and I don’t just mean weed, buddy, heh heh heh), she’s the queen of Rickenbacker’n’roll, el grande dame of cool moptop rock-pop. Yeah, she’s [a]Chrissie Hynde[/a], aged 172, and she’s got something to say. Lissenup, chickens!

She’s singing about the ladies in pop, the young rockettes who get screwed by the evil rock machine, chewed up and spat out by the suits, man. They need a light to lead them through the wicked corporate maze and that’s [a]Chrissie Hynde[/a], 56. She’s a


slaying The Man with six strings, a minor chord change and the truth. She is a survivor. She has survived. You think you’ve had it hard, had a cat in your troupe bail out? Well, Chrissie, 23, lost two members to that great gig in the sky. How do you like them apples, huh?

Anyway,this is what she has to say: don’t eat meat. Be nice to cats.


Ted Kessler