Kula Shaker : Shower your love

underneath it all he can't help but write deeply infectious orthodox rock tunes

I suspect my therapist has been tampering with these singles. They’re just far too inoffensive to be true. What do you want for your [a]Kula Shaker[/a] dollar? Boil-in-the-bag mysticism! Mildly offensive half-baked philosophy! Grand prog-rock folly with Indian strings to go! Jah, dem no it! But from an album entitled ‘Peasants, Pigs And Astronauts’ they can choose to release a perfectly nice, Pebble Mill At One clapalong love song that even your mother could love. But then that’s the unpalatable truth about Crispian. For all the flaming swastikas, dope-clouded twaddlism and hair-brained scheming, underneath it all he can’t


but write deeply infectious orthodox rock tunes. A sheep in wolf’s clothing. Who’d have thought it?

Jim Wirth