Missy Elliott : Get Ur Freak On


Missy Elliott returns with the first astounding cut from her forthcoming 'Miss E... So Addictive' album...

A thoroughly modern slice of global hip-hop is what will soon propel Missy Elliot back into the limelight where she belongs. To describe ‘Get Ur Freak On’ as fiercely intelligent is almost an understatement when faced with a track as rich, varied and innovative as this.

An East Orient piano motif, synthesised strings and Missy‘s sassy voice sway over a cleverly repetitive, truncated African beat, and suddenly you don’t know where you are, only that it’s somewhere hot and humid. And the looming spectre of Missy, almost a hallucination to your fevered brain, is warning you not to mess with her, spitting on the floor, and telling you to open your mouth for a taste…

Of what? God only knows. But it’s nice to see the kind of dedication applied here, to a music that was once dismissed as ephemeral ghetto trash, and the way the music keeps on the forward move.

Dele Fadele