Ooberman : Million suns

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You silly, silly little student-snob sausages.

Not to be confused with either Private Doberman out of [I]Sgt Bilko[/I] or the, like, totally ace French cops’n’robber-on-drugggzzzz movie of the same name or, indeed, with the jolly Teutonic folk song ‘Deutschland Oober Alles’. Or the Nazi concept of the ‘oobermensch’. As far as we know.

But you [I]could [/I]be forgiven for confusing them with The Corrs. Except that they’re not quite as good, obviously. Look, please tell me, am I missing something? This is pleasant, unremarkable [I]”la la la”[/I] fluff-pop with wanked-off-in-a-minute lyrics and chocolate box production values. So what dark, sinister and dangerous secret do [a]Ooberman[/a] conceal that makes them more ‘credible’ than The Corrs? Eh? I know. It’s because they’re scruffy and poor, isn’t it?

You silly, silly little student-snob sausages.

Steven Wells