Echoboy : Frances says the knife is alive

that [a]Echoboy[/a] - aka former [B]Hybird Richard Warren[/B] - does Kraut boogie at its most alluring and 'mystical'

So committed to the Krautrock campaign are the men and women of Mute that a recent memo circulated in their north London bunker instructed employees to grow their hair and, where possible, beards an incredible two-feet in length and to nurture that just-slept-in-a-bed-of-orange-peel-and-sawdust look that was all the rage in Dusseldorf in 1974. Unwisely, both [a]Echoboy[/a] and the [a]Appliance[/a] team have short hair, but it can grow. The good news is that [a]Echoboy[/a] – aka former Hybird Richard Warren – does Kraut boogie at its most alluring and ‘mystical’, although this Mute debut isn’t quite as marvellous as his earlier, hard-to-find offerings. Typical.

Piers Martin