Metallica : Die die my darling

[B]'Die Die My Darling'[/B] is a [B]Misfits[/B] cover, rendered faithfully and with no little panache

Slight, chucklesome stuff from the apparently indefatigable [a]Metallica[/a] Heavy Rock Revue, which might one of these years get around to making another proper album. ‘Die Die My Darling’ is a Misfits cover, rendered faithfully and


no little panache, but it’s not likely to mean much to the legions of Ben Harper fans expected to swell the ranks at the ‘Tallica‘s Milton Keynes bash. Placebo devotees, too, will be disappointed that the moistly anticipated B-side treatment of ‘Nancy Boy’ has been usurped by a Black Sabbath cover. But that’s heavy metal at the end of the millennium for ya: live within the speed limit, die only once the annuities have matured, always keep a well-tended barnet. Lars Ulrich is Danish.