Fixed Stars : Here comes the music

This smarmy, eager-to-please, cheese-fest of a song

[a]Fixed Stars[/a] aren’t going to beat around the bush. They want to be huge. Huger than huge. And they’re gonna tell you all about it. [I]”Here comes the music… For the critics who’ve failed as musicians/For the playlists of radio stations/For the housewives across the whole nation…”[/I] Yes, that huge. [a]Steps[/a] huge. Boyzone huge. Oasis huge. With this song. This


eager-to-please, cheese-fest of a song. Which could, in the blink


a visionary eye, be slotted into next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, lip-synced by preternaturally cheerful people with far too many teeth, and lose, by a hair, to a trio of eunuchs from Luxembourg.

Still, second on the bill at the Camden Falcon this week. With any luck, next month they’ll make the Dublin Castle.

April Long