Coldplay : Brothers and sisters

Don't look behind you. Here comes the menace in black.

When a band credit their singer as “human voice” on the sleeve, you know you’re not working in the normal dimension.

[a]Appliance[/a] are as good as their name: mechanical animals,


dissatisfied with the hardware available to them – the Moogs,


and Wurlitzers of Klassic Keyboard lore ? have invented their own ‘Tritone Tone Generator’. Used here, it’s neatly listed as an “Appliance Appliance”, a thing that makes the sounds that Gene Roddenberry once heard in his head. While this should make [a]Appliance[/a] the musical equivalent of a school sci-fi club, ‘Food Music’ is cool as steel, a malevolent flirt of a


that burrows into some dark territory. Goth post-rock, for example, and that’s Very Dark indeed. The Suicidal title track sees James Brook intoning dispassionately, [I]”You’re in a flat spin”[/I], while ‘Spies Of Rota’ has him asking, [I]”What’s in the suitcase? What’s in the suitcase?” [/I]repeatedly as the music


and twists Pram-like behind him.

Don’t look behind you. Here comes the menace in black.

Stevie Chick