Dakota Oak : Kaleidascope EP

The most notable thing about the up-and-coming [a]Fantasmagroover[/a] is how much they sound like [B]Placebo[/B].

Buzz Aldrin, a man of fame, dignity and most likely a


Republican bent, would probably have [a]Fantasmagroover[/a]chained up in a boot camp for making free with his name like this. He went to the moon remember – he probably prefers a rougher, tougher rock idiom. Men like Stereophonics, or Garth Brooks. Twee lyrics about “spacemen” and a spindly indie rattle that Urusei Yatsura could bully in the playground would definitely be out


his orbit.

Apart from their taste in lyrics (time for a lo-fi moratorium on astro-songs – outer space isn’t cute unless you have a thing for dust clouds and unknown diseases) the most notable thing about the up-and-coming Fantasmagroover is how much they sound like Placebo. So much so, that you can only imagine one of Molko‘s many enemies finally caught up with him and stuck


through a wringer, leaving only a thin shadow of his former self.


this isn’t the case, please don’t get any ideas.

At least Fantasmagroover should be safe from that.

Stevie Chick