Scritti Politti : Tinseltown to the boogiedown

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Somehow, for a clever act of appropriation, this record's got grace. Amazing.

Ah, it’s good to hear that voice again. Green Gartside, the man [a]Morrissey[/a] once memorably compared to Deanna Durbin, is back, and it’s a pleasure. Always something of an arriviste and name-dropper, the years spent playing darts in Wales haven’t stopped him talking about Derrida, but it’s a rare talent that could return with a hip-hop record and not have you cringing behind the fridge for a week in horror. The scattergun rhyming of Mos Def and Lee Majors provides the melting-sidewalk stylings, but it’s that swoon of a voice that makes you feel like you’re being melted in a pan with butter and brandy. Somehow, for a clever act of appropriation, this record’s got grace. Amazing.