Janet Jackson : All For You

Death to the '80s twats!

Keeping a respectable distance,

as ever, from Michael’s new career as motivational speaker and Uri Geller’s stooge, his sensible little sister launches her comeback by getting in old production mates Jam & Lewis. ‘All For You’ doesn’t have the ball-flattening martial stomp that made previous collaborations on ‘Control’ and ‘Rhythm Nation’ so remarkable. Instead, Janet lurks on the edge

of the dancefloor checking out someone’s ‘nice package’ over a ’70s disco glitter storm, a tune that elegantly sashays into Chic territory without ever becoming winking pastiche. Given there’s a track called ‘Old School Disco’

on Missy Elliott’s awesome forthcoming album, is this the start of a non-ironic revival of the ’70s revival? Further back to the future! Death to the ’80s twats!

John Mulvey