Orgy : Blue Monday

...a grotesque abortion of a once proud tune.

[a]Marilyn Manson[/a], you may recall, once covered [a]Eurythmics[/a]’ ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’. Shameless Manson copyists Orgy – yes, that’s Orgy – oddly lack the wit to admit they quite liked new wave and have instead hijacked the one song that made ’80s suburban American youth admit they could like a bit of disco, if presented


a suitably tortured and gothic fashion. And then added guitars and some scary make-up, just to hasten it up the Stateside charts. So, sadly, it falls to me to inform you that there’s to be no remake of OMD‘s classic ‘Tesla Girls’ or Depeche Mode‘s seminal ‘People Are People’ from the US cybergoth community; just a grotesque abortion of a once proud tune. Which, to Orgy, might well sound like high praise indeed. It isn’t.