Indecision : To starve and steal in New York City EP

Quite nice actually, in an enjoy-it-when-it's-on-the -radio-but-wouldn't -actually- buy-it-myself kinda way.

The oft-repeated question regarding the Manics‘ current incarnation is whether or not the old-skool Manics


would approve. But surely it is better that Nicky, James and Sean grow old (dis)gracefully, rather than remain the pissy, petulant, immature wankers they were when they first broke, tiresomely stirring up unrest for the sake of it, wishing AIDS upon Michael Stipe and suggesting that Glastonbury should be paved over… I mean, anyone who was disgusted by Wire‘s rubbishing of The Beta Band on


recent NME TV documentary should ask themselves whether Wire has ever said anything that wasn’t complete self-defeating tosh aimed at easy targets simply to stir consternation amongst the easily offended.

The song? Quite nice actually, in an enjoy-it-when-it’s-on-the -radio-but-wouldn’t


kinda way. Neat little guitar solo halfway through, too. Not bad, for a perennially average rock band, who’ve always used good copy


distract from average music.

Stevie Chick