South : Time to riot

God, we hope they're up to the fight.

Throughout rock’n’roll history young men have tried hard to make music that sounds the way that they feel stoned. That’s what South, three youngsters from London, are doing on ‘Time To Riot’. And they do it quite well, so far. They do it like [a]Pusherman[/a] used to do it, and when [a]Pusherman[/a] were doing it like this many at [I]NME [/I]thought they were trying to do it like The Verve were trying to do it. Back then The Verve weren’t the big stars that they are now and people thought they were trying to do it like Happy Mondays and Spiritualized, who in turn were trying to do it like… well, you get the point.

That’s the lineage for South. That’s the form. That’s the historical competition. God, we hope they’re up to the fight.

Ted Kessler