Underworld : King of snake

Still, at least it doesn't mention Ibiza.

If [a]Killing Joke[/a]’s 1979 debut single, ‘Turn To Red‘,

were speeded up,

then you might end up with a song not dissimilar to ‘King Of


Happily for the men of [a]Underworld[/a], anyone who hasn’t been

working in

music retail for ten years would have no idea of this particular fact. Karl Hyde, however, is about 100 years old and should


wincing with shame.

King Of Snake‘ was promoed last year and after, cough,


public demand has now been released. It’s, y’know, OK, but it’s going to take a lot more than this, even with a Fatboy Slim

remix, to save dance music. Still, at least it doesn’t mention Ibiza.

Jim Wirth