Thee Michelle Gun Elephant : Rumble EP

Madness then, but impressive nonetheless.

With a name that dumb, they could only be Japanese. Thee


Gun Elephant come to us hotfoot from the land of the rising sun where they are one of the most popular bands on the deeply maladjusted Japanese music scene. The real madness only begins when you learn that TMGE have come over to Britain for the honour


supporting their all-time heroes Thee Headcoats. At the

Boston Arms.

In Tufnell Park.

That excess of background chatter tells you all you need to know about ‘Rumble‘, a hyperactive collision of tuneless guitars


shouting. Whether singer Yusuke Chiba is roaring in Japanese


English is anyone’s guess; perhaps the international language of dirty-ass rock’n’roll is a wordless one.

Madness then, but impressive nonetheless.

Jim Wirth