Gonzales : OP Original Prankster

The record? Oh, it's another fine slice of fun with beats and samples that's sort of trip-hoppy

You’ve got to love this four-song EP, if only for the best send-up of the hip-hop sleeve thank you we’ve ever read: “This record was made possible by the apathy and spinelessness of many individuals, too numerous to name here. For a complete list of these weak and terrified motherf–ers, send an SAE to Kitty Yo.”

The record? Oh, it’s another fine slice of fun with beats and samples that’s sort of trip-hoppy, sort of DJ Shadowy (in piled-on effect if not in production technique, trainspotters) and sweet-natured as a well-fed Labrador. ‘Past Your Bedtime‘ whispers, [I]”it’s four in the morning”[/I], while warm breaks and tinkles count out the minutes til dawn. The self-deprecating ‘The Worst MC‘, meanwhile, borrows a harp riff from spacey jazz woman Alice Coltrane. And there’s even more lush, mashed-up doodles on the B. Quality.

Kitty Empire