Culture Club : Your kisses are charity

Shameful shite.

This lot, on the other hand, should have stayed in 1982. I mean, it’s great to have pop stars of [a]Boy George[/a]’s calibre around, but were the very-good-actually dance records he was making in the early-’90s just another way of paying the bills? Admittedly, I’d probably be prepared to listen to a whole album by the [a]Barenaked Ladies[/a] for the amount of money he’s getting for reforming [a]Culture Club[/a], but is a new release really necessary?

Sung with all the conviction of a Tory MP denying sleaze allegations, this limp lettuce of a reggae tune is positively apologetic in the way it coasts along on autopilot. But there’s no excuses. Shameful shite.

Johnny Cigarettes