Frigid Vinegar : Dogmonaut 2000 (is there anyone out there)

Just put it down to pre-millennial twatdom.

Only six months more bullshit to go before we can all finally get


with our lives and find that, disappointingly enough, the world has neither ended, shifted on its axis and society has remained pretty much the same as it was last year. Proof of such comforting


continuity is the perennial re-emergence of the great British novelty single.[a]Frigid Vinegar[/a] (Pfff! He said ‘frigid’! Sounds, you know, a bit rude!) claim to be two plasterers from Milton Keynes called Alex and Marvin, which I think


meant to be funny in itself. But they’re more likely to be two


radio DJs with one of those hilarious japes that keep their listeners in stitches. Radio 1 are planning to playlist it, so I won’t subject you to the indignity of reading what it sounds like as well. I don’t know. Just put it down to pre-millennial twatdom.

Johnny Cigarettes