Surreal Madrid : Freaky people

Sadly slim on the phat, all told.

Certainly one of the best football puns available in dance music (though there can be no victor over DJ Nobby Stylus), the pitch of the Surreal lads is to dumb down a little further the essentially already pretty dumb big-beat genre, and hope we’re, I suppose, too pissed to notice. But the thing about something like, say,

Here Right Now’ is that it puts you through incredible sonic loops, orchestral flourishes and mad-arsed filtering before it lets you join its eventual party. Like that idea about not wanting to be part of a club that would have you as a member, ‘Freaky People’ lets you right in and you wonder why you’re not at all bothered. Sadly slim on the phat, all told.

[a]John Robinson[/a]