Single Of The Week – THE MOLDY PEACHES : Who’s Got The Crack?/NYC’s Like A Graveyard

Sweet and funny, stupid and obnoxious. Fantastic.

Put this on in a crowded room, and you can be sure several people will run out screaming. The Moldy Peaches are Kimya Dawson and Adam Green, a young NYC duo who write cunningly naive, deceptively retarded-sounding kindergarten skank-rock. They have been known to perform while dressed like elves, and covered ‘Little Bunny Foo Foo’ on their debut album. Imagine a cross between Jonathan Richman and Royal Trux, with a bit of The Flaming Lips’ ‘She Don’t Use Jelly’ thrown in, and you’re close to understanding the twisted genius of ‘Who’s Got The Crack?’ – a sing-a-long anthem about Class As, and possibly the first time goats in moats have been mentioned in the same breath as sailors and headlocks. ‘NYC’s Like A Graveyard’, meanwhile, attacks the superficial music scene with snotty astuteness (“All the corpses like the way I play my guitar/You gotta be cute if you wanna get far”), and nothing more sophisticated than a four-track, a fuzzbox and a ragged blooze-rock groove. Self-referential and resolutely ironic, the Peaches still manage to avoid both twee frailty and damning pretension to create something that sounds totally fresh. Sweet and funny, stupid and obnoxious. Fantastic.

April Long