Robbie Williams : Let Love Be Your Energy

The 21st century Norman Wisdom turns in another four minutes of self-serving bollocks...

What is Robbie Williams? Does anyone really know? Gazza with a pretty face? Tom Jones without dignity? A heterosexual Michael Barrymore?

That’s not how the nation views him. To the nation he’s the greatest living entertainer. He’s the master of self-deprecation. Forever laughing to hide the tears. Grown men believe he’d be their best mate if only they could buy him a drink. Grown ladies know he would give them the time of their lives if only they could slip between his sheets. Not yet grown toddlers stagger about in front of the TV singing “I rubbing angels in bed.” Ah bless!

And all the while Robbie Williams continues to release such staggeringly awful records. This is worse than anything he’s ever done (including ‘Freedom’). It’s almost indescribable. It’s Woolworths rock. A meaningless and directionless noise about nothing.

It’s pointless and possibly impossible (there’s a lyric for ya Rob!) to talk about it. Robbie probably thinks it’s rubbish too. So that makes it alright. “He’s just having a laugh, good luck to him… have some more of our money. Look at the video, he’s taken his clothes off!” Hilarious.

Timothy Mark