Fatboy Slim : Star 69


America gets ‘Weapon Of Choice’ and Christopher Walken dancing on the ceiling – oh what a feeling. But Britain, for reasons only known to sinister marketing spooks with giant foreheads

who use phrases like “out of the loop”, gets ‘Star 69’ as the Fatboy’s latest A-side. And frankly this is one of the duffer tracks on Normski’s underwhelming third opus, an aimless hard trance-inflected stomp with a sampled semi-rap vocal looped to say “what the fuck” every 30 seconds. Which is about as punk rock as a struggling teen band making sure they get caught smoking a joint in public. Half a dozen heavyweight mix surgeons battle to revive the sickly groove, but only Timo Maas

finds a spark of life by replacing the naughty words with wiggly robot noises, Monty Python

style. Respect.

Stephen Dalton