Single Of The Week – NEBULA : Do It Now

It's totally perfect.

This is one of those records

that makes you want to throw out every other record you’ve listened to, grow your hair

to your elbows, and start all over again.

It’s rare for the low-end mantric rumble of stoner rock

to throw up a tune that doubles up as iron-clad pop genius.

Queens Of The Stone Age do it off and on, but mostly, peyote logic doesn’t lend itself easily to the construction of the perfect three-and-a-half minute single. Now Nebula – stoner’s muso intelligentsia – have thrown off the long-winded soloing shackles that so often bind their kind, and cracked it. ‘Do It Now’ adds the sputtering punk motor of the Stooges to stoner’s traditional mix of Sabbath

and psychedelia, and floors

it. It’s the sound of gasoline fumes, of guitars so furry they could be shot and mounted,

and axe hero Eddie Glass sneering [I]”Do it now”[/I] like a pusher in a hurry. It’s totally perfect. Single Of The Week in 1973, and doing it now, too.

Kitty Empire