Shed Seven : Cry For Help

'Comeback' single on new label Artful finds the boys touting the same tired indie...

A good manager might have pointed out that calling your comeback single a ‘Cry For Help’ is tantamount to handing live slugs to someone jamming a .45 in your mouth.

So we’ll limit ourselves to observing that this tune will, sooner or later, soundtrack

some bittersweet cycling-related foible of Andrew Lincoln’s in an episode of [I]Teachers[/I]. Television soundtracks are the last refuge of the guitar scoundrel. If it’s not bloody Jamie Oliver and his penchant for rousing, strumalonga mediocrity to chargrill to, it’s Christing

Channel 4 and their preposterous assumption that today’s teachers listen to cheery indie rock after a hard day’s crowd control, before going out and selling their bodies to make ends meet.

Anyway: new line-up, same old same old. If you were a student in 1992, you might like it.

Kitty Empire