Bon Jovi : One Wild Night 2001

Three minutes and 45 seconds too long.

Jon Bon Jovi’s presumably got all his ‘serious’ instincts out of his system for a while. After the solo releases and film roles, it’s back to Bon Jovi duty for a spell, and all the colossal preposterousness that high office entails.

In honour of their impending live album, the Jovi have revisited their ‘Crush’ record of last year, and taken further over the top the most OTT track on it.

And make no mistake, being this silly takes a lot of man-hours. There’s “Voodoo mojo brewin’”, and copious “Na na na” -ing to

be done. It lasts for “24 hours of midnight”, or, in the sane world, three minutes and 45 seconds

too long.

Kitty Empire