Fragma : You Are Alive

A truly depressing spectacle to witness.

Holding their heads up strong alongside the illustrious likes of Alice Deejay and the Vengaboys in the Euro-dance stakes, it’s not really been emphasised enough that one third of the unholy Fragma triumvirate is none other than Ramon Zenker from Teutonic techno merchants Hardfloor. As any ageing raver will tell you, their acid-flecked ‘Hardtrance Acuperience’ was [I]the[/I] essential soundtrack to any smiley-faced barney in the early-’90s. The descent from those dizzy heights to Ritzy’s fodder like ‘You Are Alive’ in such a short space of

time is a truly depressing spectacle to witness.

The monumentally awful ‘Toca Megamix’ can only rub salt into the wounds. All we need to do is wait for Lil’ Kim to team up with Phil Collins and we’ll have proof that the world truly has gone mad. Um, hang on a minute…

John Hall