Beachbuggy / Oranger : Kickin’ Back / Texas Snow

Oranger, meanwhile, hail from California and sound like it...

Contrary bugger, that Alan McGee. Just when you think you can write him off as suffering from a sad case of pop-dementia – [I]cf[/I] the ‘Coldplay = Bedwetters’ comment (has he actually [I]heard[/I] The Montgolfier Brothers?!?) – he goes ahead and releases two absolutely brilliant records.

Beachbuggy are from Doncaster, where they spent

their formative years sniffing gasoline fumes with Groop Dogdrill. It shows, on this frankly obscene Steve Albini-produced rumble, sounding like ‘Sexy

Sam’-era Girls Against Boys on a death-or-glory mission to desecrate a nation’s morals. Nasty music for borderline-nasty people (subtext: buy this).

Oranger, meanwhile, hail from California and sound like it. ‘Texas Snow’ is a zesty blast of ’60s revivalism (you know, The Beach Boys attacking The Who, that sort of thing) and, along with Beachbuggy and the forthcoming Ken Stringfellow solo LP, provide

a much-needed antidote to the beakers of warm piss that Poptones have been serving up

for us recently.

Stevie Chick