Single Of The Week – SQUAREPUSHER : My Red Hot Car

Or 'My Red Hot Cock', as Tom Jenkinson actually sings through a voicecoder....

Or ‘My Red Hot Cock’, as Tom Jenkinson actually sings through a voicecoder. That gives some indication as to what angle this tribute to Craig David is coming from. It’s taking the piss, yes. But it’s taking the piss with such ingenuity and daring that it actually far outstrips its object of ridicule. Only Squarepusher’s mentor the Aphex Twin has matched the sonic manoeuvres within a genre that Jenkinson pulls off here (on Aphex’s loose interpretation of P-Funk, ‘Windowlicker’), but the fact that ‘My Red Hot Car’ has now rendered the whole of the UK garage phenomenon redundant within five minutes of bendy electronic madness makes this more vital. It shoves UK garage so close to the cutting edge that it slips right off and tumbles into a brand new dimension. It’s this gutsy spirit of adventure that ensures that Squarepusher just breaks the line before the two other excellent candidates this week, Radiohead and Sunshine Anderson. Fortune honours the brave, as Craig David would no doubt say.

Ted Kessler