Zoot Woman : Living In A Magazine

Ace '80s MOR-funk genius from Zoot Woman, the title track of their equally ace album...

Not the best track from their masterpiece of intentionally airless, compellingly lip-glossed retro drama of the same name (that would be the synthetic MOR funk of Hall & Oates-alike ‘It’s Automatic’), ‘Living In A Magazine’ is still an awesome pop shimmy.

But – oh no! – it’s all so dreadfully ‘ironic’ and cringingly ‘postmodern’ isn’t it? Yeah, whatever. Attacking a pop band for being, like, ‘aware’ and keen to play with image and nostalgia is a bit like moaning about bears being a bit vicious. It’s what pop bands [I]do[/I], and if they don’t then they should pick up an acoustic guitar and start wibbling about rain or something. This is not a song that’s going to last, but that’s the point. Get with the programme.

Christian Ward