3LW : No More

Humorous lisping can't diminish a sweet track from the youngsters...

I know. You thought it was out already and it sure feels like it, since it’s been hanging around longer than 1970s wallpaper. ‘No More’ is r&b for the junior jams crowd, replete with gorgeous summer beats for its target audience of insolent pre-teens who look hard to please but really aren’t. Specifically ‘No More’ is a mini-minx anthem for girls who shop at Claire’s Accessories, who can’t wait to grow up, who look older than they should, have relationships mainly in their minds and who, in the land of TLC really are a group or if it refers to Johnson’s baby bath oil’s promise to provide ‘tender, loving care’.

Despite the lead vocals being sung by the group member who suffers from a lisp and whose opening lines contain more s’s than are fair, this song strongly maintains it pace, attitude and appeal. Essentially, the complaint from these three little women (yes, that’s what their name really stands for) is that their former lonely boyfriend has become inconsistent with his attention and affection (in a similar vein of complaint as Destiny’s Child‘s ‘Say My Name’, Rose Royce’s ‘Is It Love You’re After) since he’s found a crew of friends. And now, frankly, they are tired of it ).

But given how long this song has been around – first promoted at the end of last year – the inclusive remixes are warranted. However, few better the sprightly original. The garage take, ‘O Jam Step Mix is simplistic, while the Nas-featuring O Jam Street Mix fares only slightly better while failing to maintain the ebullience of the original. Which proves we’d like plenty more like this, thanks.

Soul mama