Air : Radio #1

The New Floyd, apparently...

The New Floyd, apparently, which is usually enough to get us stoking the ovens. Little sign of those reported prog leanings

here though as our favourite ambi-lounge Frenchies do ‘Kelly Watch The Stars’ [I]reeeeeeaaalllyyy sloooooooooowwlllyyyyy[/I] while

a choir of android monks float overhead singing the praises

of Wunnerful Wun Heff Hem.

No really. In case you’re in any doubt after three minutes of squelchy plodding that sounds like a herd of hippopotami mating in space and some woman wittering on about “[I]melancholy snipers[/I]” and ‘[I]flower gun users[/I]”, they even bung a Chris Moyles impersonator on the end to secure their slot on the A-list. Taken from the album ‘Top Of The Pops (Every Show A Classic)’, ‘Radio #1’ has all the integrity of that Reef classic ‘It’s Your Letters’ and only a modicum more charm. Or they could be taking the piss, in which case this is genius.

Mark Beaumont