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Redman takes Single Of The Week (twice), and Foxy Brown and Jadakiss feature...

Singles Of The Week

Redman Featuring DJ Kool

Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get In Da Club)

(Def Jam)

Redman Featuring Adam F

Smash Sumthin’

(Def Jam)

Washington go-go original DJ Kool joins Redman on ‘Let’s Get Dirty’, a high-energy banger bursting with jokes that’s guaranteed not to leave a soul staying still. ‘Smash Sumthin’ crashes in with a choir singing Redman‘s name, an orchestra matching the opening of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo And Juliet’, and Busta’ Rhymes ‘Put Ya Hands Where My Eyes Can See’. The sound collision is ridiculous – Adam’s familiarity with bass and full impact production will give any MC a run for his money – and proves how hot an MC Redman is.


Put Ya Hands Up

(Ruff Ryders)

The Lox’s “nicest member” Jadakiss’ first solo offering is flying to the top of all the hottest club DJ’s charts. ‘Kiss’ trademark gravely flow of part show-off, part humour party-starting rhymes, laced over a cheeky Pink Panther flavoured beat.

Erick Sermon Featuring Marvin Gaye


[I](NY.LA Music)[/I]

Blending his trademark beats, deep funky flow and melodic lazy drawl Erick Sermon has cleverly intertwined contemporary hip-hop and classic soul using an apparently never-heard-before Marvin Gaye track.

Foxy Brown

Oh Yeah

[I](Def Jam)[/I]

A welcome return for Ms. Brown, highlighting her rhyme skills on this reggae-flavoured tune. Sometimes it’s hard not to hear the Lil’ Kim in her, but really Foxy is sounding more and more similar to Shyne. If you like Shyne and Barrington Levy’s ‘Bonnie and Shyne’, this is for you.

Mad Skillz

Y’All Don’t Wanna


Mad Skillz’ style has developed since his slept-on ’96 long-player ‘From Where??’ which saw him rope in two of today’s hottest producers, Jay Dee and Shawn J Period. His ever-developing mic skills could now easily be mistaken for Beanie Sigel’s bass tones, while his delivery’s reminiscent of Big L and his humour of Eminem. ‘Y’All Don’t Wanna’, produced by Hi-Tek, bridges the gap from today’s blinged out, showin’ off to yesterday’s skills that really mattered.

Timbaland & Magoo Featuring Fat Man Scoop


[I](Blackground Entertainment)[/I]

Wherever Fat Man Scoop is, you know you’ve got a party cut. With his aggressively funky call and response instructions alongside Timbaland’s make-the-music-with-your-mouth quirky production and the androgynous tones of Magoo, this is a definite summer anthem. The best bit? The unexpected disco break finale.

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek Featuring Erykah Badu

The Blast


This is the second coming for ‘The Blast’, and who’d have thought this remake could better the Vinia Mojica-vocalled original? With Erykah‘s deliciously sweet vocals and Talib‘s soft yet powerful and meaningful rhymes, this funky, dreamy, soulful and earthy remake is a definite must.

Sarah Edwards