Debelah Morgan : I Remember

Top Shop r&b from the unassuming Morgan...

Like Janet Jackson? Like a bit of Britney? Can tolerate Christina? Like it with Mariah screams? Then this sprighly, unashamedely pop-geared stuttering slice of r&b, the follow-up to Debelah’s international smash, ‘Dance With Me’ will be right up your quality street.

No one here is quite sure what exactly it is she’s remembering, but it doesn’t matter. For this is sunny, Kodak fun camera summer holiday music. It’s music that’s played in Top Shop. It’s mid-teen summer music. It is, essentially, awright. Nothing more. Nothing less. Which, when you think about it, speaks more volumes aboutJanet, Britney, Christina and Mariah’s work over the years than Debelah’s.

Soul mama