Andrew WK : Party Til You Puke

It?s an instant classic

It is said that the Saviour walks among us as we live and breathe. This is true. His name is Andrew WK. He lives in New York. He is the coolest man alive. The skinny, white, long-haired, good-looking, leather-jacketed personification of every American band that has ever existed, Andrew WK was put on this earth by some benevolent being to teach us how to party, find love, make music, drink beer and party. And then party some more.

With his bottle of Bud always half-full and his ?Life?s too short, dude ? LET?S PARTY!!? philosophy scrawled on the back of his hand in Biro, Andrew WK now presents his first mind-destroying release since last year?s ?Girl?s Own Juice? EP. ?Party Til You Puke? is a terrifying record; a fucked-up, euphoric, pomp-rock cheap trash anthem in which WK shouts the title ?til he himself hurls. It?s an instant classic, while the two-cent techno remix and a capella are even better. Other WK wisdom is brutally and passionately dispensed on the single?s equally stunning extra tracks ?Old Man?, ?Dance Party? and ?I Want To Kill?.

Simple but effective, big but not clever, a superstar in the making, Andrew WK has come to save us all. From what is up to you.